It’s Time to Connect in Real Life and Take a Day Away

Will you join the challenge to reduce your screen time?

I spend too much time on my phone. I spend more time than I’d care to admit on social media and I spend more money than I should (and that my partner would like me to) online. And, all thanks to Apple’s Screen Time tool, it’s something that I’ve become increasingly aware of over the last six months. It’s not big, it’s not clever and, actually, I really want to stop.

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The 90 Day Happiful Challenge!

New Year’s resolutions, eh? They barely survive past mid-January. Well, not this year! We’re going to turn your dreams into reality. Simply follow our 90 Day Challenge and you will achieve your personal goal. Still unsure? Happiful will join the challenge too. We’re in this together now. Let’s make the change!

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How to Achieve a Work-Life Balance

Written By Ellen Hoggard

With 10.4 million working days lost each year due to work-related stress, maintaining a work-life balance is so important. Self-care is essential to our wellbeing, and it could be the one thing standing between you and burnout

We spend much of our lives at work, and the pressure to succeed is constant. So, it’s important we have time to relax, unwind and enjoy other aspects of our lives. We get it, with a manager breathing down your neck and deadlines looming, taking a break can be the last thing on your mind, but trust us. Without a good work-life balance, stress, exhaustion and other health issues can rear their ugly heads.

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Dealing With Anger in a Healthy Way as a Parent

With over 30 years of experience working in children’s services, author and professional Pam Rowe shares her tips on healthy ways parents can manage their anger

Feeling angry in certain situations is a perfectly natural response. When we feel deceived, frustrated, under attack or insulted, we may feel ourselves becoming angry.

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Ragioni per cui potresti resistere alla felicità

Ognuno ha la sua idea di cosa sia la felicità. La maggior parte delle persone ti dirà che tutto ciò che vogliono nella vita è essere felici. Ma per qualche ragione, sembra sempre che la felicità sia qualcosa a cui stiamo lavorando per il futuro. Non pensiamo che sia nel presente. Mentre pochissime persone ammettono di fare di tutto per evitare la felicità, succede più spesso di quanto vorremmo credere. Ci sono molte ragioni per cui possiamo resistere alla felicità, ma la maggior parte delle ragioni ricade in una o più di queste aree.

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The Secret to Student Success? Teach Them How to Learn.

Sometimes the details former students recall from class is nothing short of amazing. A few years ago I had a student named Abby in my history class, who had always been in self-contained special education classrooms. Her teacher wanted her in my class for socialization purposes, and she did well. A year later, Abby began stopping by my class to deliver notes from the office a few times a week and I was always delighted to see her.

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La realizzazione di una mente grata

Se sei il tipo di persona che cerca attivamente modi per migliorare la qualità della tua vita, è probabile che ti sia imbattuto in una o due cose sull'importanza della gratitudine. Quasi ogni libro di auto-aiuto sugli scaffali fa riferimento alla gratitudine, e un ricercatore dopo l’altro hanno pubblicizzato i suoi numerosi benefici. Le persone che praticano la gratitudine si sono dimostrate più compassionevoli, più ottimiste, più gioiose e più contente di se stesse e delle loro vite. La gratitudine è stata associata a livelli più alti di emozioni positive, sistema immunitario più forte e pressione sanguigna più bassa. Chiaramente esercita un potere enorme.

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Understanding Body Language In Social Settings

You have probably heard the statistics that the majority of communication is nonverbal. While there is some debate over this statistic and what it means there is no denying that body language plays a large role in communication. That means understanding body language in yourself and other people will be an advantage to you in social settings.

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