What Is The Difference Between Blind Ambition And Ambition?

Ambition can be a good thing, and it can be a bad thing. Ambition will help you achieve your goals, and create a life you want to live, but there is a downside to ambition, that downside is blind ambition. When you set goals and then work to achieve them, it is important to make sure your life is balanced; work is essential, but it should be tempered with time for family, friends, and yourself.

Blind ambition is not a strong, successful, way to achieve your life goals. Blind ambition can be destructive to the life you already have and the one you are working to achieve. The words blind ambition speak for themselves, those who go through life focused on nothing but achieving their dreams and goals can end up losing themselves in the process. Waking up in the world of your dreams without people to share it with, or great memories of how you got where you are, can be sobering.

There is no reason to plow through life with blind ambition, dreams and goals can be achieved without ignoring life. Laser focus is a great skill, but this type of focus is a work skill, not a life skill. Success can be yours without living a spartan, focused, blindly ambitious lifestyle. Success is always important when you are working towards a goal, but blind ambition is not the best way to achieve that success.

What Is Ambition?

Ambition is the drive and focuses on success. Ambition is the desire to achieve a goal that requires work, focus, and determination. Without ambition, there is no an aspiration to achieve. Your dreams and desires for success in your endeavors require ambition, without it, those dreams will never get off the ground. Ambition helps you through the rough patches and keeps you focused on the goal ahead.

When you are striving to achieve power, fame, wealth, or honor, you are considered ambitious. It takes a bit more than want or need to take on a goal that is ambitious. To many, the word ambition means more than just working toward a goal; ambition is desire, energy, and focused will. When someone is ambitious, they will do whatever it takes to achieve.

What Is Blind Ambition?

"Sometimes our highest goal becomes our big enemy when we move towards our goal blindly without focusing on the path we follow." -Durgesh Satpathy

If ambition is desire, drive, and focus, then blind ambition is blind desire, drive, and focus. Blind to what? As individuals strive to succeed, there are many times when their desire to achieve overrides their sense of right and wrong. Turning a blind eye to deceit is one example of blind ambition; those who work toward a goal with blind ambition can be their own worst enemy.

Life is full of choices when you are working toward achieving your goals; you must make choices that will bring you closer to your goal. Blind ambition is desire without direction and clarity and preparation. Rushing headlong toward a goal without insight or a clear path is not the best way to achieve success. To succeed and achieve your dreams on your terms, you must keep your eyes open and your head clear. Blind ambition only creates confusion, supports bad choices, and makes the whole process of achievement nothing but an exercise in irrational behavior.

Life, Love, And The Pursuit

Living life to the fullest, finding and maintaining a loving relationship, and achieving success, is all about the pursuit. When you live life to the fullest, you are enjoying the road to success, and when you have a healthy, happy, relationship, the choices you make are made for you and those you love. Blind ambition has no place in a happy, well-balanced life.

Chasing your dreams and achieving your life goals requires more than stamina, willpower, and inspiration; it requires planning. It is not always possible to plan for every twist and turn that awaits you on the road to success, but it is possible to plan alternate routes and scenic diversions. Ambition is the desire, and desire will get you there, there is no need to rush through the trip with blinders on.

The pursuit of achievement is not separate from the pursuit of love and happiness. Life is not only about obtaining our dreams and desires, but it is also about learning and wisdom. When you chase your dreams and focus on nothing but the goal, you miss experiences that make life worth living.

The Difference Between Ambition And Blind Ambition

The difference between ambition and blind ambition is all about how you get from point A to B. Everyone has life goals and dreams they want to fulfill; how you fulfill those desires is as important as reaching the goal itself. Ambition is at the heart of every life journey, and there is a lot to learn as you work toward your goals. Blind ambition is nothing but a wild race toward the result, regardless of the events, and experiences along the way.

Your career, your dreams, the goal of your ambition should always make you happy. If chasing your ultimate goal makes you miserable, its time for a change. Life is not about arbitrary achievements; it is about changing, learning, and making a difference in the world around you. The focus of ambition should be on you and the lives you touch. Blind ambition makes it difficult to see those around you, to understand how you affect others and your impact on the world.

Blind ambition is not healthy mentally or physically. The choices you make when blinded by ambition affect more than just your financial situation or position of power; they can make you sick. Stress is a killer, it may go undetected for years, but high blood pressure and heart attack are major health threats when stress goes unchecked. Decisions to put your health on hold, or put off a much-needed break, are decisions made by blind ambition.

Ambition itself will not make you sick, ignoring yourself and your needs will make you sick. Sometimes just talking to someone about your life goals and your ambition can help you make better decisions. There is always more than one way to get things done, and just talking to others can shine a light on the way to make things happen in a better way.

There are many ways to make changes that will restructure your road to success. Blind ambition can make it difficult to see problems that need to be addressed; it makes it difficult to understand just how destructive your choices can be to your life and the lives around you. Small changes can make a big difference; it is never too late to change your path to success.

Ambition is a good thing; it is the desire to succeed. Blind ambition is the desire to succeed without regard for others and ultimately without regard for yourself. Make choices, make plans, make exceptions, and make a difference for yourself and others. It can be hard to stay focused and make progress every day, the trick is, understanding what progress it is you want to make. Every decision, every day, does not have to be about making another step toward the goal, it can be about taking time for yourself and your loved ones too.

It can be very helpful to seek advice when important decisions must be made. If you know moving to a new city will give you a leg up on the competition at work, but that move may negatively affect your family, advice from a trusted therapist can make a difference. Blind ambition can keep you in a rat race that isn't going to end up positive for you or your family. It can be very helpful to get advice from someone who is impartial.

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